A non-profit dedicated to preserving and promoting jazz artists and appreciation.

The Blue Jay Jazz Foundation (BJJF) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization founded in 2007.

Dedicated to the live performance, promotion and preservation of Jazz a unique American art form, it supports music education in the San Bernardino Mountain communities and nurtures new generations of musicians while building interest and expanding audiences for jazz as both art and entertainment.

Its most visible contribution to the mountain community culture is the annual Blue Jay Jazz Festival it produces each August. (Visit the BLUE JAY JAZZ FESTIVAL website.)

With steady support from individuals and businesses in its community, it maintains several other year-round programs, including the 'Adopt an Instrument' lending program that accepts donated musical instruments, refurbishes them if necessary, and provides them free to local students. (For more information on our programs, visit JAZZ PROGRAMS.)

The Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. (For more information visit BOARD OF DIRECTORS page.)

Goals and Objectives
The Blue Jay Jazz Foundation remains committed to our long tradition of building community bridges by providing low-cost ‘family friendly’ live outdoor concerts and music education in our mountain schools. Our goal is to increase concert attendance, bolster funding for music education and scholarships. The organization’s philosophy is to encourage more community participation at all mountain events by collaborating with local non-profit organizations, schools and businesses.

Creating hope through the ‘Art of Jazz’
The Blue Jay Jazz Foundation established in 2006 has worked fiercely to keep jazz alive on our mountain. Our philanthropy is well known. In good and tough times, it has been our tradition to share our ‘harvest’ with community partners, whether it involves distributing care packages and toys for the holidays, providing basic essentials after the 2003 and 2007 wildfires or donating proceeds from our 2008 Jazz by the Lake fund raiser to the non-profit organizations such as Rebuilding Mountain Hearts and Lives, and Operation Provider. Through ticket and table donations, BJJF supports the efforts of The Lake Arrowhead Rotary, Art & Wine Festival, Mountains Community Hospital, Christmas in April, UCLA Mt. Bruins, Lake Arrowhead Soroptimist and the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival.