It’s that time of year again! The Blue Jay Jazz Foundation’s annual ‘Adopt An Instrument Day”. Okay, it’s our 2nd annual, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting or anticipated. Our first event was a fantastic success with students from RIM Unified throughout our mountain community showing up and taking their first step into the world of music. We hope this year will be no different as we look forward to greeting youthful aspirations with the generosity provided by our many instrument donors!

“Open to students/parents within the RIM Unified School District, our “Adopt An Instrument Day” is designed to help get worthy instruments into worthy hands. Thanks to our mountain community, we have logged many donated instruments, from guitars and basses, to drums, trumpets, saxophones and yes, even a xylophone! Clarinets, flutes, you name it, they will all be available for loan to attending aspiring musicians!”

Parents: Please bring a Drivers License or suitable identification. This program is available to students/parents residing in the San Bernardino Mountain Communities, attending ROWUSD


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