The 2018 'Adopt-an-Instrument Day' attracted mountain students in need of a year-long free instrument rental to the dental offices of Dr. Hugh Bialecki, where instruments were displayed and loaned out.


Donate your unused instrument so a local student can pursue his or her musical dream

In recent years, school music programs have been gutted by budget cuts. The result? Many of our schools can’t provide instruments to their music students. A study at the University of Kansas revealed that students with superior music education programs scored around 22 percent higher in English and 20 percent higher in math scores on standardized tests. Our students deserve to expand their potential for creativity, discipline, and academic achievement.

In spite of the challenges, our music programs are finding ways to thrive. Interest is at an all-time high, but acquiring instruments and sheet music for all the interested students has become very difficult. Please help us!

Attics, basements, garages and such, are often housing dusty gems under high school/college memory boxes. If you have brass, wind, percussion, string or any instrument, tucked away and alone, please consider helping our cause. Donate that instrument and we will see to it that the inspiration and knowledge you gained from it, will be gained by a new generation of waiting young talent.

Feel Inspired? Need An Instrument?

If you are a student in need of an instrument, we may be able to help. Have a look at the available instruments the Blue Jay Jazz Foundation has been provided to help you on your way to becoming the musician you wish to be!

Ready To Apply For An Instrument?

We couldn’t be happier! Please download an application and fill it out with your parent, teacher or legal guardian. All applications will be given serious consideration, so please read carefully and be sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a precious musical instrument. Please mail your application to the address on the form.

Please download our “Loan Agreement” and bring it with you if approved.

All accepted donations are tax deductible.


Instruments can be dropped off at: Dr. Hugh Bialecki’s Office 402 Grass Valley Rd. Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352 Or call us at: (909) 337-0705
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