Corporate Sponsorship

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We look forward to discussing your company’s involvement with us. We offer a few ways to partner and help us further our mission goals. Companies can either sponsor our music education programs, our “Give An Instrument: Inspire A Musician” program, or sponsor our fantastic annual Blue Jay Jazz Festival. Which ever choice your company makes, allow our team to work with you to tailor a partnership that best fits your strong brand name to our shared philanthropic objectives, executed at the grassroots level.

Align your brand with us and be seen by thousands of music fans and young up-and-coming musicians. We will reply with all the necessary information regarding your company’s sponsorship. Thank you!

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Blue Jay Jazz Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit corporation
Blue Jay Jazz Foundation, P.O. Box 3334, Blue Jay, CA 92317 • 909-766-BJJF (2553)
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